Blue Pearl Software Announces Business Partnership Program with Electronic Design Service Companies and Consultants

SANTA CLARA, California – April 15, 2009 – Blue Pearl Software™, Inc. announces an exciting new program for electronic design service companies and consultants. This initiative allows ASIC and FPGA services providers to offer their customers the benefits of Blue Pearl’s innovative design productivity enhancement tools in a cost effective manner on a revenue sharing basis.

Blue Pearl’s powerful RTL analysis and timing closure solutions reduce the amount of design time spent on RTL coding. Indigo RTL Analysis enables engineers to identify RTL coding issues early in the design flow. Cobalt Timing Constraint Generation automatically generates timing exceptions, reducing the number of design iterations to achieve timing closure and improving the Quality of Results (QoR). Azure Timing Constraint Validation reduces the risk associated with manually generated timing constraints

The new design services partner program allows service providers access to Blue Pearl’s productivity enhancing tools and provides them with the expertise to use the tools proficiently. On a revenue sharing basis, partners can then provide their customers with design services using Blue Pearl’s tools. Blue Pearl will also refer services clients to participating providers.

Beyond opening up an additional revenue stream, participants in the program increase their competitive advantage by helping their customers shorten development cycles without increasing head-count or purchasing new tools. Their customers can shave weeks off the design effort required to increase RTL quality and close timing, while reducing the costs and time related to the deployment of new tools.

Blue Pearl Software provides program participants with everything required for them to run Blue Pearl's tools on their customers' designs, including licenses and training. Participating services providers will additionally be able to purchase licenses for internal use at special partner discounts.

Providers interested in participating should visit

https://www.bluepearlsoftware.com/products/designservicespartner.html to apply.

About Blue Pearl Software

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Blue Pearl Software is a privately-held electronic design automation (EDA) company committed to reducing iterations in digital design flows and improving design productivity.

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