Beach Solutions® and Blue Pearl Software Collaborate on Advancing HDL Auto-generation Output Quality
Advancing HDL Auto-generation Output Quality

Beach Solutions® and Blue Pearl Software Collaboration Ensures
High Quality HDL Output of the Beach EASI Tool Suite HDL Generators

SAN JOSE, California – July 24, 2006 – Beach Solutions, the leading provider of commercial tools to manage addressable registers and auto-generate System-on-Chip (SoC) design integration deliverables, and Blue Pearl Software, focused on improving design productivity at RTL, today announced a tool flow to accelerate the characterization of the RTL code auto-generated by the Beach EASI Tool Suite HDL generators.

Supporting both Verilog and VHDL, the Beach EASI Tool Suite HDL generators auto-generate the RTL needed to bridge Intellectual Property (IP) cores from their native interface to the system bus protocol of the SoC bus.  Additionally, these HDL generators are used to auto-generate custom IP bus interface and memory mapped register logic code.

Combined with other Beach EASI Tool Suite generators, these auto-generation tools are used to package IP cores and accelerate realization of the complete SoC.  Typically, when compared with manual creation of this code for complex SoCs with over 50 IP cores, auto-generation using EASI Tool Suite has saved Beach customers over 24 engineer-months of effort.

In order to accelerate the generated RTL quality verification phase of the EASI Tool Suite generator development process, Beach has created an internal development flow incorporating the Indigo RTL Analysis tool from Blue Pearl Software.  This flow enables Beach to quickly check the robustness of the HDL generator output as generator parameters are refined and configured to incorporate custom rule-checks and requirements from each customer and their tool flow.

“We were very impressed by the ease of use of the RTL Analysis Tool from Blue Pearl,” said Les Watson, VP Engineering at Beach Solutions.  “Our engineers were able to download the tool, install it and begin effectively analyzing code on day one.”

“Blue Pearl Software were pleased to collaborate with Beach Solutions to enhance the validation of their RTL generators for key world-class tier 1 customers,” said Bill Alexander, VP Marketing at Blue Pearl Software.  “Both companies look to future collaborations at higher levels of abstraction utilizing C, C++ and SystemC.”

About Beach Solutions

Beach Solutions™ is the leading provider of commercial tools to manage addressable registers and auto-generate System-on-Chip (SoC) design integration deliverables.  Used by leading semiconductor vendors in mobile, consumer electronics and communications markets, Beach EASI Tools Suite auto-generates the hardware, firmware, verification models, documentation and debugger configuration files necessary to package IP and integrate platform-SoCs while managing data and deliverables for the hardware and software teams as the design, requirements and specification evolve.  Beach customers significantly increase productivity and implement concurrent hardware and software development resulting in multiple “engineer-years” of development cost savings and accelerated time to market.

About Blue Pearl Software

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Blue Pearl Software is a privately-held electronic design automation (EDA) company. It is committed to reducing iterations in digital design flows and improving design productivity at the register-transfer-level. For the latest news and information and for evaluation software, visit www.bluepearlsoftware.com.

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