Licensing Wizard

For new license requests including the Starter Edition, please download the appropriate License Wizard below. After downloading and installing, the wizard will identify your computer Host ID (required to generate a license) and walk you through your license request. If you already have a license, you do not need to download the Licensing Wizard.

Visual Verification Suite

HDL Creator Stand Alone

Enablement: License Request


Visual Verification Suite: Vivado Tcl Store App

The Blue Pearl Software App is available with Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2017.2 and newer, under the Tcl Store in the startup window. To Learn more visit the Xilinx Tcl Store and view our white paper

HDL Creator: Test Drive License Request

  • 14 day node locked license
  • Full access to training videos and documentation
  • No limit to code size

Visual Verification Suite: Starter Edition License Request

  • 45 day non production use node locked license
  • Supports Intel, Microsemi and Xilinx devices and Generic ASIC
  • Max limit of 1000 lines of RTL, excluding comments
  • Includes Visual Verification Suite’s HDL Creator, Analyze RTL Lint ,CDC Analysis and Management Dash Board Reports
  • Full access to training videos, install guide
  • Requires phone home*

* Blue Pearl’s Phone Home is an HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) system which transmits the following information to Blue Pearl Software each time the Visual Verification Suite is invoked.

  1. 1. Visual Verification Suite version
  2. 2. Vendor string from the license feature line
  3. 3. Feature Name from the license feature line
  4. 4. Host ID and Expiration from the license feature line
  5. 5. OS version

For the Starter Edition to invoke, the computer or server must have direct connection to the internet. Paid licensees have the option to turn off the Phone Home feature where internet connection is not available.